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2nd December 2011


A note from François K

Status Update By François K
As of late I have been experiencing this insane urge to listen to endless amounts of classic reggae from the 75 - 79 period, arguably the golden age of dub, which coincidentally is also a time when live drummers were still used on most recording sessions. It’s quite interesting to note that although the popularity of drum machines made Dance Hall (digital), House and Techno possible for very low budgetary expense compared to the way of old, it also virtually overnight destroyed a glorious and very sophisticated art form which had existed for thousands of years: live drumming. Mind you, it is of course possible to program those drum machines to generate very exciting rhythms full of the sort of intricate ear candy and mysterious variations that makes repeated listening so enjoyable, but not really something that dance music is necessarily known for. So as part of what is called ‘progress’, we have to settle for gross approximations of what was once commonplace genius all around us. Food for thought….
—— François K

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